The 21st Annual Canadian Telecom Summit

NOVEMBER 21-23, 2022

Now in its 21st year, The Canadian Telecom Summit is Canada’s leading Information and Communication Technology event, attracting the most influential people who shape the future direction of communications and information technology in Canada.

Open intelligent 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, cloud, immersive content, and the internet of things, are all poised to disrupt how we do business. How will the promise of new transformational technology be realized over the decades ahead? How will the industry evolve and grow to meet the challenges of climate change, digital trust, and cyber security?

In a digital, interconnected world that increasingly relies on light-speed sharing of information, the ICT sector is more than indispensable; it is the lynchpin of the global economy. Not only does it continue to enable business and consumer interaction at the micro level, but also fundamental to driving Canada’s leadership, growth, and innovation position in a global eco-system.

The range of issues examined by the conferences in-depth panels :

• Environmental Sustainability • Actionable Intelligence of Data for Automation and Orchestration
• 5G Edge and Cloud – Innovation for Consumer
• Cyber Security – Threat Landscape, Mitigation, Identity, and Data Privacy
• 5G Edge and Cloud Innovation for Government, Enterprise, and SMB
• Regulation
• Talent and Organization – Inclusion and Diversity
• Open Platforms for Brokered Service Development
• Connectivity for All – Accessibility and Affordability
• Innovating Customer Experience – Digital, Personalized, Proactive, Self-Care, and Field
• Force Transformation

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