What do you know about Vodka?

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When you think about vodka you think about just hanging out with friends and having a great time. It is the time when people get together to share well times and create new memories. This is flavored drinks and cocktail hour.

Different Types of Vodka

Drinking vodka means that you have choices and options to the type that you are going to have. There are Russian vodkas, neutral vodka, flavored vodka and regional touch. With all of the brands of vodka that you have to choose from you may want to try them all to find a favorite. This can be especially tricky when you start looking at the vodka flavors that you have to choose from. The best vodka type is going to depend upon your taste. One that you may like to try is vodka red. The red vodka brands are special all on their own.

Popular Brands to Try

Perhaps you have seen brands other than Absolut when it comes to vodka but you may be undecided on trying something new. You can look at a vodka review to get an idea of which ones you may want to try so you can get an idea of what else is out there. A few are SKYY, Smirnoff and White Diamond. All great choices but, you are going to find that Absolut will rank number one and a little lower on the list is Stolichnaya. Again, good vodka does not need to be expensive as they are all a distilled drink.

Prices of Vodka

When you start to look at vodka prices you are going to notice that they can go from very cheap to very expensive. A vodka bottle can go from $20 or less (depending on the size and brand) to $60 and over. If you are looking to try something new you may want to check out a review to an idea on one that is expensive. That way you can make a decision on whether or not you want to even give it a chance.

Popular Vodka Drinks

Even if you do not like the taste of vodka on its own, you may like many of the mixed drinks that it is made with. It is even possible that you have a favorite and did not even know that vodka was in it. There are many vodka cocktails such as the salty dog, sex on the beach, screwdriver and even black Russian. Perhaps you have found your own vodka recipes that you like to create. These are a few of the more popular drinks that have people coming back for more. If you are worried about the calories in vodka than know that there are 64 to a shot and 69 in the flavored. Vodka mixes and vodka mixed drinks are going to be the ones that have the most calories in them.

A Few Facts

In the early 1800s, vodka made its appearance and it did not take long before it became a household name. The brand of Absolut has its very own Hollywood Star and they support different functions and national sponsorship. Although they advertise drinking they are also about supporting the community and promoting safe drinking.


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