Look what’s trending on the home fashion runways

83762_karl_lohnes_optWhat’s new and next on the home decor front and how to make it work for you? Karl Lohnes, a home interior and product designer who also dispenses decorating advice weekly on television, radio, in newspaper and magazines, says the following:

• Rugs with softer designs (less chevron and stripes) such as rounder images with cut and pile to add texture, are hot. Graphic designs will show up on tiles and draperies.

• Gold metallic is all the rage. To make it look less precious, try adding zinc or pewter to it.

83762_opt• Copper is emerging as a style statement for 2015. For example, a flash of copper metallic on your window treatments will add a 70’s appeal to the home.

• Mirrored furnishings and accessories are nothing new, but their finish is. Smokey, antiqued mirror finishes help to give the look of patina.

• Navy blue is being matched with a soft warm taupe as an accent, whereas before navy took on a crisper look by being teamed with fresh white.


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