5 Practical Tips For Refreshing Your Closet

closet_63299291Organizing the jungle that is your closet is an excellent way to harmonize your thoughts and streamline your morning routine. Plus, it’s a well-known fact that well-arranged closets equal better outfits. Canadian style expert Janette Ewen offers these steps to achieve closet calm:

1. Host a closet intervention: Cleanse yourself and your closet by inviting a trusted (and stylish!) friend over and sorting your closet together. Begin with the items you adore but don’t wear regularly. Imagine new ways to wear them and determine if they can be tailored. “If you figure out an inventive way to revisit old favourites, take a picture and store it in a fashion file on your smartphone. That way, during frantic ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear!’ mornings, you have it as a reference,” recommends Ewen.

2. Implement a system: Organize the remaining items by clothing type (blouses, jeans, trousers, etc). At the front of the closet, group a few ready-made outfits for dressing on the run (these should include accessories like complementary bags and shoes). Refresh these looks every couple of weeks.

3. Gather the essentials: Finally, the fun part: shopping. Revitalize your entire look by focusing on key items you need to jazz up old standbys. Make a list, investigate your options online, and start a style board using Pinterest. Need suggestions for essential winter wear? “A stunning statement coat in a wear-everywhere neutral and an impeccably tailored pencil skirt can do no wrong,” says Ewen.

4. Invest in statement jewelry: Adding a gorgeous necklace, an eye-catching bracelet or a statement ring to your roster will make every outfit feel new again. “Pandora’s new Rose collection, featuring rings, earrings, bangles and charms in warm pink metallics, flatters every skin tone and outfit,” says Ewen. “Or, stack sterling silver and 14K gold rings for an on-trend mixed metals look.” Visit www.pandora.net for even more style inspiration.

5. Add a pop of colour: In the chill of winter, greys and blacks take over our wardrobes. Turn this logic on its head by injecting rich auburn and sumptuous cobalt blue to key pieces, like cashmere pullovers and silk button-downs.


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