Watch for the top pests in each province

pests_82505_optFlies are one of the nation’s top pest issues, followed by spiders, moths, beetles and sowbugs, according to recent data from Orkin Canada. While all pests are constantly in search of their three survival elements – food, water and shelter – differences in physical environments can impact which pests are the most prevalent. If you’re curious about these issues where you live, here’s a list by province, the top five pests issues across Canada:

Alberta: Mice, flies, beetles, spiders and moths.

British Columbia: Flies, spiders, mice, silverfish and moths.

Manitoba: Mice, flies, sowbugs, spiders and beetles.

New Brunswick: Flies, mice, spiders, beetles and moths.

Newfoundland & Labrador: Flies, mice, sowbugs, spiders and shrews.

Nova Scotia: Flies, mice, spiders, sowbugs and beetles.

Ontario: Flies, mice, moths, ants and spiders.

Prince Edward Island: Spiders, beetles, flies, sowbugs and silverfish.

Quebec: Flies, mice, mosquitoes, spiders and moths.

Saskatchewan: Mice, flies, spiders, sowbugs and beetles.

“This is simply a snapshot of the pests we encounter from coast to coast,” says Alice Sinia, a resident entomologist with Orkin Canada. “It is important to remember that some pests, like ants, may not be a constant threat the way flies and rodents can be. In fact, ants are a major concern across all provinces.”

Experts suggest working with your pest control provider to take proactive steps, including maintenance and sanitation measures, to protect your home from these and other pests year-round.

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