Drive home a winning golf tournament

41816175_optThe arrival of warmer weather has many Canadians dreaming of the hitting the local golf course. It is also the time that many companies, organizations, charities and other groups start planning their golf tournaments.

Hosting a golf tournament is a great way to entertain customers, thank employees or raise funds for your group. While there are many details to arrange, organizing such an event doesn’t have to be distressing.

Experts recommend that you cover the basics first. Picking the right date and a course that is suitable for your group is the first priority. The earlier you do this the better as you will get a wider selection of dates and courses.

Ensuring your guests are well fed and hydrated out on the course should be another priority. In the heat of summer, a good supply food and non-alcoholic beverages will ensure your participants enjoy a healthy and safe round.

What about prizes? The excitement of winning something is always a big draw, so hit up local businesses, suppliers, business partners and friends for prize donations.

To take your tournament to the next level, you could offer hole-in-one prizes such as a car, boat, trips or cash. “Adding big prizes to your golf tournament doesn’t have to be an expensive or worrisome endeavour,” says Andrea Martin, Senior Underwriting Manager, Wayfarer Insurance. “You can get insurance coverage that will pay for the prize in the event that a golfer hits an ace.”

One of the biggest tips is speak to the professionals at the golf course where you book your tournament. Often courses will have staff to assist you, or at least literature that will help you plan a successful event.

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