5 tips to pack like a pro

five_tips_pack_like_proAre you planning a getaway? With ever-increasing baggage fees for flights and often unpredictable weather conditions, packing smart, simple and small can help us reduce pre-trip stress. Clocking in more than 400,000 kilometres and eight passport stamps already this year, Taylor L. Cole, a travel expert with Hotels.com, says she has learned the secret to a perfectly packed suitcase. Hint #1: keep a bag packed with travel essentials at all times. Here are the rest of her top tips for packing like a pro:

1. Start with a list: Write down everything you think you might need for your trip. Plan for your daily activities and cross off any duplicates. Do yourself a favour and stick to must-haves only.

2. Pack clothes by theme, rather than by outfits: When packing light, mixing and matching tops, bottoms and accessories can turn a small number of clothes into a number of fashionable combinations. Choose clothes based on their versatility and suitability for the weather, rather than colour or pattern.

3. Roll, baby roll: Whether you’re packing for a month-long backpacking trip, or a weekend getaway, minimize wrinkles and save space by tightly rolling your clothes. Place ironed items in a dry cleaning bag and don’t forget to pack a small sprayer of fabric softener to smooth away unwanted wrinkles.

4. Consolidation is key: Keep track of your toiletries, jewellery, power cords and other odds and ends and try and pack accessories that can do double duty. Use sunglass cases for cords, socks to store jewellery and zip-top bags to hold toiletries. They not only keep your bag tidy, but also save valuable suitcase space.

5. Bulk down: Leave the heavy stuff at home. Keep shoes to a minimum and if you need boots, wear them enroute. Take advantage of the amenities your hotel has to offer like blow dryers and shampoos, so that you don’t have to lug them with you. With new strict baggage weight restrictions at airports and train stations, travelling light has never been more important.

As with most things in life, practice makes perfect, so remember these five easy tips so that you can relax and enjoy your next trip.


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