4 steps to whiter teeth

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A simple smile is all it takes to positively impact everyone’s day. Research shows that smiling can make you and others feel happy, and can even reduce stress levels in the body, by lowering the heart rate. There are several easy steps to achieve a healthy, vibrant smile from your diet, to your oral care routine, to the quality of your toothbrush.

Check out these tips to let your best pearly whites shine through

1) Start a white-teeth diet. Dark food and drinks tend to stain your teeth. So if you’re drinking a lot of black tea or red wine, you can expect to see it on your not-so-pearly whites. Start off by brushing your teeth immediately after having foods that stain.

Try an electric toothbrush with elongated bristles that allow for greater access to ensure a deeper clean.

2) Give your teeth an extra boost, because let’s face it, teeth aren’t always naturally white. There are several tooth whitening products that can help achieve goals of a whiter smile. For example, the Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Toothpaste is clinically proven to whiten teeth in just five days.

3) Make your brushing count. Many people don’t brush their teeth for long enough, which can lead to plaque buildup. Try humming your favourite song while you brush for two minutes to blast away unwanted plaque. It’s important to remember to use a fresh toothbrush. Replace your worn out toothbrush at least every three months to ensure it is safe and works properly. Trying rinsing your toothbrush after every use to prevent transferring bacteria.

Nothing spoils a beautiful smile more than yellow teeth so take these steps into consideration to achieve your whitest smile yet.


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